Bryan Morton (maehara_uk) wrote,
Bryan Morton

Daily Tweets

  • Is it really necessary to cut out the mildly gory Ceti eel scenes in ST:TWOK when it's being shown after midnight? Bad show, Channel 4... #
  • SOmeone has brought cream cake into work. Must.... resist... #
  • Chugga chugga choo choo! #
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  • Daily Tweets

    Just got go-ahead from consultant to be discharged today. Going home!! #fb # RT @fat_cyclist: @maehara whoop! <- Whoop indeed! :) # Out…

  • Daily Tweets

    Have progressed from zimmer frame to crutches. *Should* also be discharged in time to go home with rest of family on Friday. Yay! #fb #…

  • Daily Tweets

    Leg has finally been pinned 'n' plated. Progress! #Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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