July 4th, 2010

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Daily Tweets

  • Where would we be if we taught creationism as science? j.mp/cE74qc /via @stuartgibson <- Either that or 'Texas' #
  • Let's see, what to do today. ::checks entertainment schedule:: "Anxious and the Christmas Ghost"?! ::looks outside:: A bit out-of-season. #
  • Not *quite* a taste of home, but as close as I've found in a while. #WouldPreferCastle twitpic.com/221lh1 #
  • Morning view (Morfa Bychan) flic.kr/p/8fmobg #
  • Morning view (Morfa Bychan) flic.kr/p/8fmwBH #
  • Amazing what genius playlists throw up occasionally. #nowplaying Koladi-Ola ♫ Yello j.mp/9twWxV #
  • I didn't even realise I *had* some of these songs in iTunes... #nowplaying Forever Young ♫ Alphaville j.mp/9u4tcb #
  • The iPad is currently working its way through the "Synth-Pop" genius mix, by the way. It's like reliving my childhood. #
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