July 7th, 2010

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Daily Tweets

  • This gives Sky News the green light to become even more like Fox News, I suspect: j.mp/96G0b6 Thanks, Ofcom (not). #
  • Any iPad weather apps that also include pollen forecasts? ::ahchoo:: #
  • Woman wins millions in Texas lottery for the 4th time tinyurl.com/3ynxjrj (via @TheDailyBeast) <- See, I need that sort of luck. :( #
  • £86 to take the four of us up the Snowdon railway? I think not, baby puppy... #
  • Only problem with one-week holidays is the kids turning into Whiny McMoan & Grumpy McShite halfway through. Overtiredness FML. #fb
  • Ah, I see Netherlands beat Uruguay. Nice to see the cheating bastards bucked out. #worldcup #anyonebuturuguay #
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